Where is the passion?

I have heard this type of question a lot over the years I have been a Christian. Usually they are used in reference to our zeal for the things of God. The question is intended to motivate us to do better, to try harder, to work more.

Recently, I have seen the question a little differently. Rather than questioning my passion, I am seeing God’s passion for me. As I read the epistles, the Psalms, Proverbs, etc., I see this amazing love story.

The story has all of the elements. A lover whose beloved betrays Him. Though hurt, His love continues to burn. While His beloved continues to run, He continues to pursue her. Eventually it comes to a place where He has to choose between His love for His beloved and His own life.

Even though His lover still rejects Him, He makes the ultimate sacrifice, giving up everything just to prove His love for His beloved. However, as shown in so many movies, even death cannot stop true love! We find the lover overcoming even death to be with His beloved.

As I have started to realize the power of this love story, and realize that I am the object of this great love, it has started to change me. To know God loved me this much has changed how I live, and how I love.


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