Abraham and Isaac

We have read the story of Abraham and Isaac on the mountain. It always bothered me that God would ask Abraham to kill his son. I mean, what kind of loving God asks this? The story ends well, so we accept that God never really wanted Abraham to kill his son, just to test him. Somehow, this still struck me as cruel.

Recently however, I have started to see this in a different light. Remember, when Abraham left his servants, he told them he would be back with Isaac. When Isaac asked about the sacrifice, Abraham told him God Himself would provide. It appears maybe Abraham didn’t believe God would have him kill his son. If not why?

That brings us to the test. What was the test? I always thought it was God testing Abraham’s commitment. Did Abraham love God more than his own son? Would Abraham be obedient to the point of that type of sacrifice? But that all seems so wrong. The God I know wouldn’t ask that.  So then, what is the test?

I now believe God was testing Abraham’s faith in God’s promise. You see, God promised Abraham that Isaac was the seed of promise. If Abraham trusted God, he knew whatever happened on the mountain, Isaac had to come out alive. Whether God provided another sacrifice or God raised Isaac from the dead, Isaac would come out. He had to, God had promised, and God doesn’t break His promises.

So how does that apply to me? What is God taking me through in my life? Does it seem contrary to what God has promised? Does it seem impossible? Do I trust God that He will keep His promise?


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