Hidden Blessings

Today I got to visit some old friends. My family visited the church where my wife and I met. We went to church there for years, 17 for me and more for my wife. We were extremely active there for most of that time.

Going there surprised me a little. Some of the people there we hadn’t seen in years and most we hadn’t seen in several months at least. As we were there, I realized something. God has placed people all around us who truly care about us.

As I have posted before, my wife and I have been going through some difficult times. Not our marriage, it is as strong as ever, but we have faced numerous trials, several of which we are still in the midst of. On numerous occasions people asked us how we were. We couldn’t lie, so we said we were working through things. We know we will overcome these problems, but we are still in them now.

What surprised me is that people who asked were sincere. They really wanted to know and offered support and on some occasions prayer for us. Though this doesn’t make all of the problems go away, it is good to know we have people who truly care for us.

This has been the biggest blessing through all of this. Numerous people from our current church have offered support and caring. Several people from our old church have offered support before today, and even more support came today.

As I sit here in the midst of this time of trial, I know I am blessed. God has surrounded me with people who care about my family. As time passes, I find there are more of those people than I could possibly imagine.

I find myself sometimes being critical of the Church and its failure to meet up with my expectations. Today I remember that she is the bride of Christ and He loves her. I see the Church in a different light, and I see God showing His love for my family through her.


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