Mama Weer All Crazee Now

OK, so I stole the title from an early “70’s Slade song. Unfortunately my older brother used to walk around singing the song and it has stuck in my head every since.

I was talking to a customer at my work the other day when she informed me a disagreement I had with my wife was because of my neurosis (I always get the same meal at most restaurants). I reluctantly agreed, but qualified it by saying we all have our issues.

That got me thinking. I went on to tell her I was pretty sure there was a planet out there somewhere with normal people, and all the crazy people were sent here. Though that may not explain the origins of life on earth, it does bring up a good point.

When referring to people with varying levels of disabilities, those who are able to manage in society are referred to as “functional”. So maybe we are all functionally crazy. Occasionally one of us fails to manage our craziness and ceases to be functional, but all of us are functionally crazy.

This makes me feel a little better because knowing you are crazy makes me feel a little better about being crazy myself. Some of us are better than others at hiding it, some of us have better tools to cope with it, but we’re all crazy.


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  1. So your wife wants to know what disagreement we had and why you were sharing that with a customer?


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