For Granted

My family went to a Christian bookstore yesterday. This is something we rarely do, but my wife wanted a new study Bible for her birthday. Quite honestly, I was amused at all of the trinkets and found a couple of books I might actually read.

At the check out they had several baby bottles full of brown water. They were displayed as a promotion for World Vision to demonstrate the water many children around the world are forced to drink. My kids asked me why kids would drink dirty water and I had to explain to them that in many places they don’t have the money or access to clean water so they have to drink from the same water they and their animals use the bathroom in.

My kids wanted to know what they could do to help and I told them about groups like World Vision, Compassion International, Charity:Water and Blood:Water Mission and how they help drill wells and get water to these people. I was moved to do some research and find that millions of people are dying simply because they don’t have clean water. A child dies every 20 seconds due to sanitation problems.

There are many opportunities to help. Charity:Water has a donate your birthday campaign where people can ask others to donate to Charity:Water instead of buying gifts. World Vision and Compassion International have multiple opportunities to help including child sponsorship which goes beyond just water.

I also know some people don’t have extra money to donate. SocialVibe has provided an opportunity to still help. They work with advertisers. When you click on a SocialVibe link you view an advertisement and are often linked to the advertisers web site or facebook page. In return, the advertisers pay and the money is donated to the charity. There is a SocialVibe link on my page which helps Blood:Water Mission so take a second and click on it. It doesn’t cost you anything, and will help someone more than you can imagine.

We take these things for granted, but many don’t have access to the basic things we take for granted. We have so many opportunities to help and this is a free one. You can also look into the other opportunities to help or consider donating a birthday. I mean, you lose out on a bad tie and save a life, it’s a win, win!


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