Not Alone

One of the most meaningful parts of scripture to me has become the part of Hebrews that talks about the priesthood of Christ. Not being Jewish, I am sure I miss a lot of the significance of the priesthood, but I have learned one thing. Jesus is a high priest who has suffered and been tempted like us.

This has been very important to me. My wife and I were reading in Mark about the garden and the crucifixion. When we struggle and go through trials I can be assured that Jesus really understands. He prayed for hours coming to grips with his fate. He had to wake the disciples three times because they couldn’t support Him. In the end they all abandoned Him.

Jesus has been disgraced. He has suffered all that we can suffer and come through victorious (though not without pain and scars). I have pain and feel abandoned, and yet reading these stories I know my suffering pales in comparison to His. I know if I trust in Him, He will bring me through. It may hurt and I may end up with scars, but I will come through with victory.

I sometimes hate words like victory just because they have been so overused. The cross hardly looked victorious. My life often hardly looks victorious. The same goes for many Christians I know who are suffering. But the victory is that we find ourselves on the other side stronger, healthier, and able to help others who find themselves in the same pain.

So wherever my path leads, I know Christ has gone before me. Whatever pain I bear, I know Christ bore it first. However hopeless my situation may seem, I know Christ has already redeemed me and I cannot fail because He didn’t fail.


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