Real Community

With all of the stuff floating around about Duck Dynasty, Obamacare, and debates with Bill Nye, I thought I would share something uplifting. A story about the Church really living in community, hurting and healing together.

Just before Christmas a family from our old church was faced with a dire situation. The father was having severe headaches and after going to the emergency room was found to have a benign but growing brain tumor. There was an emergency surgery to remove the tumor. After coming home, the headaches came back. Another trip to the emergency room to find out there was an infection.

The family’s primary source of income was gone, and would be for an extended time. This is where things got exciting. A member of the community (living in Denmark none the less) took the initiative to set up a website to help the family. She set a goal to raise $5000 in 15 days to help with living expenses. A lofty goal for sure. Word was passed through Facebook about the site.

That was two days ago, and this afternoon $5300 has been raised. The community did what a community is supposed to do. Hurt and heal with one another. When a brother and his family was in need, the community met the need. Though the goal has already been met, I am sure there will still be needs. If you want to help, or just find out more about this amazing family and what God is doing through His people, visit


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