Coming Out

Note: I originally wrote this a couple of years ago, after years of wrestling with the issue of the morality of homosexuality. Since writing this my oldest daughter has come out and I have become a much more outspoken advocate for the gay community within the church and in the world outside of the church. I have made some edits to add context.

I have avoided publicly addressing the issue of the morality of homosexuality for a few reasons. One, because of my background, I’ve wrestled with the issue a lot. Coming from a fundamentalist background, I have been taught a clear line on the morality of homosexuality. However, coming to a clearer understanding of the message of the Gospel and the Kindgom as well as the nature of God and the nature of homosexuality, the line blurred.

Two, it is polarizing. You cannot stake a firm position without alienating someone.  That is often the case with truth. Do we alienate those who helped us develop the roots of our faith by abandoning the suffocating fundamentalism, or do we abandon those who are desperately looking for answers but have been turned away by the Church and told God rejects them.So what do I believe, and does it matter?

First, people are born gay. This runs contrary to what I was taught, but it’s true. If you don’t believe it, it’s because you haven’t really gotten to know many gay people. It is part of who they are, not something they can wish or pray away. If we as Christians could understand how much pain gay youth go through trying to pray and wish themselves straight. The rejection of being rejected by God, their friends, and their family is torture. The fact that people are born gay is a critical point to understand in breaking the barriers between the church and the gay community.

Second, God loves gay people. Not just to change them or make them straight. He loves them gay. He loves them to just keep being gay and love him right back. So many people have been pushed away from God because they were told they were an abomination. I for one thing heaven without a thriving gay community would be severely lacking.

So that’s that. God made people who are gay, and he loves them gay.   Feel free to comment, pass along, unfriend me, or do what you must.   Today I guess I come out of the closet as an open supporter of those in the gay community who have been oppressed, particularly by those who call themselves followers of Christ.



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  1. but i thought it says in the bible man does not lay with man …and women dont lay with women .and look wat happened at sadom and gamorra


  2. Thank you for sharing your position on this! We all need to hear it as a Christian community!


  3. With all of my heart I believe gay people are born gay. God loves them as much as anyone else. Gay people are singled out treated as abnormal by those who have closed minds and bibles. I was raised to believe that they were an abomination. How very sad. I prayed about this for a long time and the above are the answers of my heart. If you or your loved one is gay I will stand beside you against harassment and in favor of gay rights, gay marriage, the name of Jesus!!

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