The Price of Silence

If we oppose discrimination, yet we see it and remain silent, we become willful participants. To often out of fear of those participating, we watch and do nothing.

I say this because I did this for years. As a Christian who has been sickened by the actions of other Christians toward the gay community, minorities, anyone not like me, I kept my thoughts mostly to myself for fear of being rejected by the community. In doing so I have let the discrimination go unchecked. Afraid to lose friends. Afraid to lose position in our churches. Afraid of what our other Christian friends will think of us.

What I realized  in recent conversations is that there are a lot of people like me. Afraid to show support, and in doing so, allowing the hate and discrimination to win.

To me the message of the gospel, the message of redemption, is clear. We don’t have the option to keep silent because it’s uncomfortable. We are obligated to give good news to the oppressed. Keeping quiet out of fear wasn’t Jesus’way of doing things. It shouldn’t be ours either.


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