The Pain of Healthy Community

I was in church yesterday thinking about how blessed I was to be part of a healthy church body, and how much it sucked sometimes. I know that sounds odd, but let me explain.

I’ve been in churches where you see the same people for year after year. You see families grow, attend wedding, go to Christmas parties and baby showers. These are all good, and seem like his signs of community. But they can also indicate everyone is staying put, being content.

In the short time we’ve been in or church community, we’ve made many friends just to see many if them go on to whatever God is leading them to. We’ve seen many new faces arrive. We have several in our Missy midst now who are preparing to move on to whatever God is calling them to. This is all painful. Frankly, it sucks.   But it is part of being in a community that fosters people seeking out God’s purpose.

As I said, I’m incredibly blessed to be apart of this community. I’ll manage the pain of separation and rejoice in the joy of the Kingdom’s work being done.


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  1. Oh yes, Jason it is sad, and part of growing up. As a father and grandfather as well as a lay pastor of a growing church. I feel your pain it is a good kind of love pains. When we see the hurts that are represented in the fellowship change to strengths that carry them to the hurting. We can rejoice in in the changes. As a father my kids grow up and leave home to family of their own and have children and life goes on sad as it is I rejoice I their growth.
    thanks for the post
    John Altum

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