Adding to the Noise (SCOTUS)

I guess I’ll throw my hat into a conversation that probably already has too many hats in it. By in large the Christian response to the SCOTUS ruling on states banning gay marriage is both disappointing and misguided.

I’ll start with misguided. We must understand that a Christian marriage before God and a legally recognized marriage in the United States are two different things. Muslims, Buddhists, and athiests can get married and it is recognized. Christians can marry non-believers even though scripture clearly admonishes us not to. Many marriages that defy scripture are recognized by our government and quite honestly should continue to be.

I am disappointed because the church is once again taking a stand against a group of people. Instead of them knowing we are Christians by our love, they know by our moral positions. What we are against. We are always against something. Why can’t we be the group supporting the oppressed? Extending grace?

This may just be more noise. But at this time, an oppressed group has had some of their burden lifted and we should rejoice with them.


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