The Importance of Truth

Ideas like truth have become very touchy. On the one hand, those on the fundamentalist side of things tend to build huge defenses around concepts of truth making these concepts of truth the most important aspects of faith. On the other hand, on the more liberal end of things truth is relative. There is no absolute truth, or everything is true in it’s own way. Nothing really matters because what is true to you may not be true to someone else.

So, it seems truth should be important, right? But it also seems fighting ridiculous battles over concepts while ignoring the realities of suffering people is wrong, correct? So, does truth matter? If so, is it absolute? Can we know it?

To be clear, I won’t be answering all of these questions. If you are looking for answers to all of these questions, you could spend your life searching. I don’t have the answers, so I won’t be sharing them with you.

I will tell you truth is important. I have heard said that all truth is God’s truth. I believe this. What does it mean? Simply that if something is true, it is God’s truth. If Hinduism teaches a real truth, it is God’s truth. If Islam teaches a real truth, it is God’s truth. If my coworker shows me a truth that is real and applicable and my coworker is an agnostic drunk, it is still God’s truth. Does this make all religions equally true? No. Does this mean most religions have some truth? Probably.

What does it mean to me as a Christian? Jesus’ life and teachings are show us the clearest picture of the truth. God’s truth is clearly revealed to us in Jesus, through is life, his teachings, and his death. That doesn’t invalidate everyone else. It just means the the path to the clearest revelation of God is through Jesus. When Jesus famously said “I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father but through me” this is what He was telling us. If you want to see the Father, I’m showing Him to you.

So yes, truth is important. The truth of what Jesus lived and taught. The truth of the Kingdom of God that Jesus’ parables represented. This wasn’t (and isn’t) a truth of we’re right and you’re wrong. It’s a truth of loving your enemy, turning the other cheek, seeking justice for the oppressed. It’s a truth of a Kingdom that values justice and love over power and money. That is the truth we seek.


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