i am a hypocrite

Anyone who has payed attention to my facebook, twitter, my most recent blog, or has been involved in a conversation with me has certainly noticed I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I have railed against everything he stands for. And this isn’t a post saying I have changed my position on Trump or his positions. Only that my railing may be misguided, or at least hypocritical.

One of my biggest complaints about Trump has been that he has used fear to motivate people. Fear of illegal immigrants, fear of refugees, fear of Muslims. Fear will help motivate people to push others out, build walls, fight wars.

The challenge I am faced with is in discussing Trump I keep discussing my fear of him becoming our next president. My fear of what this would mean for the future of our country. I am ultimately being motivated by the same fear that I am accusing Trump’s supporters of being motivated by. The cause is different, but the motivation is the same.

Fear almost never motivates us to positive change. Fear motivates division and hatred. It doesn’t motivate unity and cooperation. If we want to see true, productive, positive change, fear cannot be our motivation.

(On a side note, thanks to Lucas Allen for the sermon that woke me up to realize my motivation)


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