When Life Gets Hard

This isn’t my typical blog post. It won’t be inspirational or challenging, just an update on what is happening in our lives.

A week and a half ago a left my management job for a lower paying non-management job in the same field. This was a major move for me and our family, but the stress caused by recent changes in my old job made a change necessary.

Additionally, my dad’s health has been failing. This has put our family (me, my siblings, and my mom) in the position of having to work toward placing my dad in a nursing home. As my dad is adamant about not going, it has created a difficult situation. It has also created some very volatile to hostile situations between siblings and an impossible amount of stress on my mom. Add to that my mom’s own health problems like kidney disease, chronic knee and foot problems and some yet to be diagnosed neurological issues, and it is difficult.

Then two weeks ago Krista’s dad got some curious results back from a cardiac test. The doctor thought it was probably nothing because of her dad’s overall good health, but ordered a stress test. Again, the results were abnormal but “probably not a big deal”. They ordered a heart  cath. The results showed much worse results than they expected. He was scheduled the next day for quadruple bypass surgery. He is recovering but will be down for the next six months. 

Add to that the normal daily grind of life, work, bills, and raising a 12 and 16 year old daughter, and we have been in need of much grace. 


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