Don’t Lose Hope

In the follow up to the election, a lot of us felt hopeless. Hopeless about the direction our country was heading over the next four years, more than that hopeless about what it meant about the state of our country that we would elect someone who spread the kind of bigotry, sexism, and white nationalism Trump became known for.

So what does this election really say about us? Did we suddenly become less progressive? I would say the opposite is true. We live in a country that is becoming more culturally diverse and more progressive and inclusive. But white Christian men have controlled this country for a long time and during this election cycle more than ever they felt their grip on power being threatened. They turned out in mass to flex their muscle one more time.

So, we will survive a Trump presidency and we will continue to grow more diverse and more inclusive. There will be more growing pains because those who have had power don’t like to lose it. And a significant part of our population will resist change. But change will come because we as a nation are continuing to grow up.




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