Atheists and the Kingdom

I have quite a few friends and even more acquaintances that are very openly atheists. I’m sure I have even more that are atheists who are “closeted” and don’t openly discuss it for whatever reason. In recent months I’ve come to a startling realization about the majority of the athiests I know.

When I read the Gospels I see I clear picture of the Kingdom of God. It is a picture of generosity, caring for the poor, taking the side of the oppressed. It is a picture that prioritizes people over power or money. It is a picture that if removed from it’s framing in the Bible would be very near naturalistic humanism.

So I look at the values of the atheists I know and I realize they look a lot like the values Jesus called the Kingdom of God. Actually more so than many people who claim follow Christ.

So what does all this mean? Jesus said we should pray that God’s Kingdom would come on earth, and many of the people working toward this goal are not followers of Christ. Or maybe, people have for centuries been discovering the Kingdom of God in spite of Christians rather than because of them.

So whether you believe in God and believe these values are God breathed, or you don’t believe there is a God and believe these values are evolutionary developments necessary for a functional society, we are working together toward the same goal. And maybe if we can see things this way, we can change the world together.


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