Chapter 4

My school years are a hard time to put into words. We were in a small group a year and a half ago and we discussed our times in school and it was hard to look back. I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on those years.

As I’ve said previously we were poor. I was very tall, extremely thin, and very awkward. In addition I was very intelligent. This made me a bit of a social outcast. I got made fun of a lot throughout school.

I did well in the church crowd because I was good at learning Bible verses and was generally well behaved, especially in comparison to my siblings. But this didn’t carry over outside of church. My church friends as a rule were not still my friends at school.

There were two groups who did accept me early on. The metal heads and the scifi nerds. Neither of these groups were particularly discriminating as they were both groups of outcasts as well. 

Though I continued in church, hanging out with these two groups did not lend itself to a particularly religious life. There was some drinking and experimenting with weed, though I was afraid to go any further. There was minor criminal activity, mostly vandalism and nuisance type behaviour.

Starting in junior high but mostly in high school I was very involved in band. Though this didn’t help with my nerds reputation, it was the one place I really felt like myself. I did make friends in band, many of which I stay in contact with to this day. But even then, most of my band friends were only friends during school and band events. I never saw then outside of school.

The best memories I have from my school years however were camping. We would camp as a family, either at powwows or parks. We would also go out with friends on the weekend and camp on Sugar Creek. Sometimes we would take two day canoe trips with just a bunch of us kids. Between that and boy scouts, camping was a regular part of my childhood i can look back on with fondness.


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