Chapter 5

If you’ve read the first four chapters of my life summary, you would think I lived a miserable childhood. There were rough times for sure, but there were plenty of good times as well. Chapter 5 will highlight some of them.

My early years in the Southern Baptist Church introduced me to many of the memories kids have growing up in church. We had a children’s group called Royal Ambassadors that met and did various events. I also remember spending hours baking cookies and memorizing Bible verses for Sunday school with my neighbor Beth.

We would also go skiing and sledding every year at Mccafferty’s hill. The whole town would go there to sled. We spend endless Summer nights camping out along Sugar Creek, fishing or shooting bb guns. Then there was the occasional bottle rocket/Roman candle war out in the fields.

I remember one particular camping trip we snuck behind the vice principles house and one of our friends, Scott, kept making very realistic siren sounds. 

It was a small town so staying out walking the streets at night was common. Parents worried less about their kids then. We would walk around and talk. We had a local arcade/Ice cream shop we would hang out at a lot. I blew a lot of paper route money there.

And one of my neighbors had a red headed cousin that I was probably not so secretly on love with for most of my youth. She would visit often and we were really good friends, but being the awkward twit I was, we remained very good friends until she got old enough to stop visiting her cousin so often.

I did have several close friends at various times in my childhood that were a great input into my life. Brian Stanfield was one of my earliest friends. Brad and Chris Maddox were like brothers to me for several years. John Stillwell was another brother who I was nearly inseparable from for a while. Gary Gregory (RIP) was such a close friend, though he was in love with the same red headed cousin of my neighbor. Matt Naylor became a great friend right up until he moved back to Lafayette. And Tom Childress remained a close friend into early adult life. I had other friends as well, but those listed were like brothers. We ate many meals and spent many nights at each other’s homes. We spent hours playing games, guitars, drums, or some combination. We caused trouble together, maybe broke minor laws together, made great memories together.


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